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: and at the prestigious harvard law review, obama's bridge building had won over many of the publication's conservative members. >> the people on the right really liked barack. even if at the end of the day he disagreed, they thought that he treated them with respect and they thought that many of the liberal and left students did not. >> i've worked at the supreme court, i've worked at the white house, i've been in washington now for almost 20 years, and the bitterest politics i've ever seen in terms of it getting personal and nasty was on the harvard law review. >> narrator: brad berenson was a member of the conservative federalist society. one day, he and his associates would help run the bush administration. >> the conservatives on the harvard law school campus at that time were severely outnumbered. >> narrator: inside the toxic environment of the law review, obama's affinity for the politically conservative students surprised his black associates. >> i don't know why at the time he was able to communicate so well with them, even spend social time with them, which was not something i would ever hav
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)